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UK village where ‘kids are banned from playing outside’ as sinkholes spread

Concerned parents living near to some sinkholes have banned their children from playing outside for fear of them being pulled into the ground.

Residents from Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich, say the holes have become extremely dangerous and they are concerned someone could have a fatal accident if they are to fall in, reported Norwich Evening News.

Those who live closest to the sandy and chalky terrain say essential work is needed to make the area safe again.

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Shirwan Saed, who lives near the area with a six-year-old son and one-year-old daughter, said the issue had been ongoing for more than a week.

Speaking to Norwich Evening News, she said: “I used to let my children out to play because it's quiet here but now I don't feel it's safe because of the sinkhole here.

"I'm worried they might get around the barriers and I don't want to think what might happen if they accidentally fell in.

"This should have been sorted as soon as possible but now there's a real worry more will turn up."

Other residents meanwhile are worried their homes and gardens may suddenly collapse into the ground.

Several have said they are considering leaving their homes while the dangerous issue remains unsolved.

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The sinkholes first caused alarm when a man realised a tree in his garden had vanished into the ground.

Norwich City Council has reportedly erected fences around the sinkholes, though for some residents, much more needs to be done.

The perils of sinkholes are not exclusive to Norfolk.

Earlier this month a huge one opened up in the middle of a busy street on the Isle of Wight, requiring a massive operation.

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Quay Street, located opposite the Isle of Wight Law Courts, was cordoned off entirely with work on the underground sinkhole still ongoing.

The huge hole is thought to be around 12ft deep.

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