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Speedboat killer Jack Shepherd blasted by victim's family saying 'we will get justice' as he faces extradition hearing in Georgia

THE dad of Charlotte Brown has spoken of his relief his daughter's killer will finally face justice today.

Jack Shepherd, 31, had spent months on the run after being found guilty of the 24-year-old woman's manslaughter – finally handing himself into authorities in Georgia in January this year.

Charlotte, 24, was killed when Shepherd's speedboat crashed on the Thames in 2015.

The web designer had fled the UK before his trial that saw him sentenced in his absence to six years in prison.

He today faces a hearing that could see him sent back to the UK to face justice after his lawyers revealed he had abandoned his extradition fight.

Charlotte's father Graham Brown said: "Overall, I think we are pleased that finally it's coming to an end and we seem to be getting the justice we think we deserve for Charlotte."

Depending on the outcome of today's hearing, Shepherd could be back in the UK as soon as Friday.

Shepherd has always maintained his innocence, claiming it was a "tragic accident".

As he handed himself into authorities, the smirking killer said: "I hope justice will prevail and my appeal will be successful so everyone can move forward with their lives."

During the manslaughter trial, the court heard Shepherd's speedboat had defects when it crashed on the Thames.

The 31-year-old had previously said he did not want to return to the UK, claiming he had received death threats.

He was held in a special unit in Georgia while waiting for the extradition case to be prepared.

His Georgian lawyer Mariam Kublashvili has said he regretted his decision not to appear at the Old Bailey trial over the 24-year-old woman's death.

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