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‘Breaking Bad’ fan-favorite beer Schraderbräu can be yours this spring

I am the one who brews.

“Breaking Bad”s fictional beer Schraderbräu — home brewed by DEA agent Hank Schrader in the show  — will be available this spring, according to Food and Wine.

To make the drink a reality, Norris created his own company, Rust Belt Brewing.

Schraderbräu — a German-styled lager —  will be distributed by Sony Pictures Consumer Products and made at Figueroa Mountain Brewing in Buellton, California.

“Just brewing up some ideas if you know what I’m saying,” Norris says with his signature chuckle in a Twitter video. “Schraderbräu — brewed to silky perfection.”

Norris first developed an interest in home brewing after learning about Schrader’s hobby when preparing for “Breaking Bad.”

“The show gave us some great hints as to what Schraderbräu should actually be,” Norris told Food and Wine. “Obviously the name lends itself to a German lager, and we wanted the ABV and flavor profile to reflect Hank’s persona on the show.

“In our minds, this is the exact beer Hank brewed on the show, without the caps popping off, of course!”

He also mentioned there will be “hidden items” on the bottles for die-hard fans of the Emmy Award-winning AMC series.

There is no word on where the “Bad”-inspired beer will be sold yet.

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