Thursday, 21 Oct 2021

Poo bandit filmed squatting on doorstep leaves ‘huge’ surprise for NHS nurse

A man decided to take a dump in broad daylight on a stranger's doorstep, according to the furious homeowner who found the "huge poo".

CCTV shows a man boldly squat outside the house on Thursday morning, October 7.

He appears to glance around quickly before crouching, then spends a good 30 seconds down on the floor.

NHS nurse Emma Lou told Birmingham Live she was "disgusted and mortified" to return to her Harborne address, after a hard day's work, to find human poo on the floor.

She checked her doorcam footage and saw the man appear to pull his trousers down and bend over.

Emma, who lives on Vivian Road, said: "He came up to mine and my neighbour's front doors, pulled his trousers down and used the floor as his toilet – leaving behind a huge poo.

"Absolutely disgusting. I was mortified.

"We're both NHS workers [Emma and her neighbour] and don’t expect to deal with this when we come home from work."

Emma said she had reported it to police, providing pictures and video footage, but was yet to hear back from her local PCSOs.

She added: "Dirty, dirty person. He didn't clean himself or his hands and we had to clean up his mess!

"Someone is just s****ing in the streets and outside people's houses."

This comes after a filthy bloke appeared to poo into his hand before wiping it on a pub wall and window.

"So this morning at 4:07 am some guy decided to use the wall as a public toilet and then proceeds to wipe his dirty hands across the wall," the owner of the pub wrote in a furious Facebook post.

They added: "Thank you for giving me the pleasure of cleaning it up."

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