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New dating site for CONSPIRACY THEORISTS launches in Germany

Looking for someone tall, handsome, GSOH… and thinks the world is flat? A new dating site for CONSPIRACY THEORISTS could be just what you’re looking for

  • SchwurbelTreff launched in Germany last month and has gained plenty of users
  • Set up by conspiracy theorist Michael Brundel, who goes by Captain Future
  • Have to reveal which conspiracy theories they believe in, including coronavirus 

Are you fed up of being bombarded with pro-vaccine matches who boast about the number of jabs they have had in their bios?

If so, delete your current apps because there is a new dating site in town – and it is specifically hand-crafted for conspiracy theorists.

Well-known known German conspiracy theorist Michael Brundel, who goes by Captain Future at so-called ‘Freedom Marches’, launched SchwurbelTreff in his homeland last month. 

Astonishingly, SchwurbelTreff – whose name is based on an offensive German term for conspiracy theorists as people who speak gibberish – gained 1,500 users in its first three weeks.

If you are bored of  constantly swiping left on people who believe in Covid-19, moon-landings or god-forbid the earth not being flat, this new site could be the answer. 

Well-known known conspiracy theorist Michael Brundel (right) launched SchwurbelTreff last month

Brundel, who goes by Captain Future at so-called ‘Freedom Marches’, believes ‘lateral thinkers will soon be mainstream’

To sign up, users must answer the usual stock questions such as their height and age, but then have to reveal which conspiracies they believe in, whether it be Coronavirus, QAnon, and the New World Order.

Users must also disclose what news sources they consume, the number of Covid-19 jabs they have had, and how they think the future of the world will unfold in the next 20 years.

It’s in stark contrast to leading dating apps including Tinder, Match, Hinge, Bumble, who teamed up with the Government in 2021 to encourage their users to get COVID-19 vaccinations.

When heading to the website’s homepage, users are greeted with a photo of Brundel wearing a tin-foil hat with electrical sparks connecting him to another woman who is staring at a laptop decorated with stickers including Free Julian Assange and the 9/11 attacks.

Speaking to Vice about why he set the site up, Brundel said: ‘You wouldn’t understand each other [when] you look at the world so differently.

‘The different opinions on Corona have broken many old friendships and relationships, but often also created new ones.’

Are you fed up of seeing vaccinated profiles while swiping through your other dating apps? 

Captain Future also believes ‘lateral thinkers will soon be mainstream’ because ‘no one wants to admit they were wrong’.

‘The division will be over when the truth is mainstream and those responsible have been brought to justice,’ he said.

The SchwurbelTreff founder continued to preach the myth that jabbed people posed a threat to the unvaccinated by ‘shedding’ the vaccine. 

Nicholas Potter, a researcher at anti-extremism group Amadeu Antonio Foundation in Berlin, believes the growth of conspiracy theorists can ‘alienate people from their social environments’ and ‘lead to a spiral of radicalisation.’

Mr Potter also admitted it wasn’t the first attempt at a conspiracy theorist website, citing another in Switzerland which was launched specifically for anti-vaxxers during the pandemic.

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