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Mum who took DNA test ‘for fun’ discovers her son of 12 years is not hers

A family who took a DNA test "for fun" found their youngest son was not in fact biologically related at all.

Donna Johnson, 47, and her husband Vanner, 47, took the profiling study with the rest of the family and found their youngest son was not related to them.

Both Vanner Jr, 18, and Tim, 12, probed their past alongside their parents as a way of learning more about their heritage, but received what they thought was a "mistake" in their results.

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It did not take long for Donna and her husband, from Salt Lake City, Utah, United States to make a realisation which left them with a "sickening clarity" on an IVF mix-up.

Using IVF treatment after a hernia problem and surgery damage proved impossible for the pair to naturally conceive, the birth of their first son Tim was "like a miracle".

Six weeks on from their initial DNA tests, the family found young Tim was not biologically related to them and instead had been part of a hospital blunder, The Sun US reported.

The family are thankfully as close as ever, with Vanner breaking the news to Tim back in October 2020 and easing the shock Tim felt.

Donna added that their youngest had handled the news with "such maturity", with Tim subsequently hunting down his biological father with the family's blessing.

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Although worried they managed to find Devin McNeil, who lived eight hours away from the family in Colorado and called the man in March 2021.

The two couples are thankfully on the same page and agreed no custody battle is in order, nor do they want anything from the Johnson family.

As it turned out, Devin and wife Kelly had been at the same clinic 14 years ago to go for an embryo implant, with the samples provided by the Colorado-based couple used in both treatments instead of one.

The families are still in contact with one another, meeting in July 2021 and settling out of court with the clinic which mixed up their samples in 2022.

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