Thursday, 1 Jun 2023

Prince William given new nickname as royal fans swoon over him rowing

Royal fans swooned after seeing a clip of Prince William joining in a rowing session with some members of the Royal Navy. William posted the clip on the Prince and Princess of Wales’s official Instagram page, as he joined them for a “very important conversation about mental health”. Although focusing on the cause, some fans did seem impressed about how William looked in his rowing attire – with one fan giving him a new nickname, the “Prince of Hotness”.

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Taking to Twitter, another fan commented: “Couldn’t help but think, ‘hello daddy long legs’.”

Another said: “Ah yes His Royal Hotness does it again.”

A third user commented, “He is so hot!” – with a fourth adding that he is “so handsome”.

Users were also quick to praise the 40-year-old for all he is doing for mental health, with one user writing that he is “an all-round great person doing great things”.

Another wrote: “Fantastic conversation. Sport and exercise can help with mental health. Balance is key.”

Someone else commented about how “extremely proud” Princess Diana – who was known for her keen interest in mental health – would be of her eldest son.

Following last week’s Mental Health Awareness Week, Prince William will today praise some of the “incredible” survivors of the Manchester Arena bombing after they highlighted failings in mental health support.

Monday, May 22 marks the sixth anniversary of the Manchester Arena attack.

Their recent report shows that almost a third of children and young people who were affected by the deadly attack have had no professional help.

According to figures, three-quarters were psychologically injured following the devastating attack – with 29 percent having never received any proper support in the six years since.

The Bee the Difference report, launched today, is a research project designed by nine youngsters who survived – including now-22-year-old Lucy Jarvis and Libby Martin, who was just 10 at the time.

Prince William said: “The nine young and incredible minds behind this project, and the many more who have contributed, are an inspiration, turning significant personal challenges into positive change.

“This report makes clear that young people who have experienced the trauma of terrorism have needs unique to their age.

“These are minds that need the space to have their voices heard and feelings acknowledged.

“We must listen to their stories now, in order to learn for the future. I look forward to seeing the change it creates.”

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