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Mountain biker speeds over narrow ramps in thrilling downhill run

No room for error! Mountain biker speeds over narrow wooden ramps and chicanes between tree trunks in heart-pumping downhill run

  • Biker ‘Dangerous Dave’ Herr took footage on Mount Fromme, British Columbia
  • Dave wizzes around the incredibly narrow Imonator bike trail at serious speed
  • The video taken from his point of view won Pinkbike’s ‘GoPro of the World’ award 

A mountain biker showed his bravery when he took on a terrifying biking trail featuring deathly narrow wooden ledges.

Thrilling footage by cyclist and physiotherapist ‘Dangerous Dave’ Herr was taken on Mount Fromme, British Columbia, Canada.

Dave navigated the incredibly intricate trail in the video shot with a GoPro camera on his helmet, knowing any lapse of concentration could have caused serious injury.

‘Dangerous Dave’ Herr cycles down the Imonator trail on Mount Fromme, British Columbia, Canada, in thrilling footage shot from his point of view

Dave starts the video by cycling down a fallen tree trunk at the top of the trail before hopping onto the main course

In the video, Dave starts cycling down a narrow fallen tree trunk before hopping onto the main trail.

He picks up speed as the path becomes more narrow and zips across the narrow ledges fearlessly.

Dave slows down on one section involving a near 180 degree drop before speeding up again for the rest of the course.

At the end of the video, Dave starts to pant after stopping the run and he says ‘love the thrill’.

Dave uses ‘body English’ to squeeze between two trees whilst cycling down the narrow ledge at speed

‘Dangerous Dave’ won Pinkbike’s ‘GoPro of the World’ award for 2019 in November for the video taken on Mount Fromme’s Imonator trail

The video was taken the Imonator trail on Mount Fromme and won Pinkbike’s ‘GoPro of the World’ award for 2019 in November.

He said: ‘I tried to up the ante this time by incorporating a massive tree that fell just above the trail and pushing myself to lay down the fastest top-to-bottom I could manage.

‘The NSMBA trail crew made that skinny chicane section even more challenging when they rebuilt it and you can see just how much body English it took to navigate at speed.’

The $7,000 prize for ‘stunning, technical, just plain rad, unedited, raw GoPro footage’ is ranked by judges, with the top three submissions voted on by the Pinkbike audience.

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