Thursday, 6 Aug 2020

Kingston house fire leaves young family displaced

A Kingston family was left without a home after a fire engulfed a house on Highway 2 on Sunday evening.

Aisha Summers, sister of Krystiannah Summers, started a GoFundMe for Krystiannah and her partner Jack Moon, who were left homeless following Sunday’s fire.

Aisha says the family has three young children, and one on the way, but no one was home during the fire. Moon, who spoke with Global News outside his home on Monday, said his mother also lived at the home, along with three dogs and two cats. The dogs were saved, but Moon says they still have not been able to locate the cats.

A nearby neighbour, Tom Tarasoff, says when the fire was blazing on Sunday evening, a good Samaritan stopped at the home and opened the front door, letting the dogs out.

Aisha told Global News she started the GoFundMe to help her sister and their family from afar. She says the family would never ask the community for donations.

“They are caring and loving people but also very stubborn sometimes,” Aisha wrote on the GoFundMe page. “My hope is to lessen the blow especially during this time of year and with the cold weather making its presence a bit more prominent.”

Moon told Global News the family does have home insurance, but that they would appreciate any donations given to the family to help with immediate costs. He also said they would be donating any of the extra cash to a charity that helps homeless people.

The family is currently staying at a hotel with their three dogs.

The city of Kingston says fire crews spent the better part of the evening extinguishing the fire and remained on-scene overnight to monitor hot spots and maintain scene security.

Inspectors reportedly arrived at the site at 9 a.m. to start the investigation. The city says investigators determined that the fire began in the kitchen area, although the cause of the blaze is still unknown. The total estimate for the damage is $250,000.

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