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Harry and Meghan appear to hold hands in show of support after emotional service for Queen’s funeral | The Sun

PRINCE Harry and Meghan Markle appeared to hold hands after the Queen's emotional funeral service.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex seemed to comfort each other after they sat in the second row for the sorrowful ceremony in Westminister Abbey.

The couple, who live in the US, sat behind King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla at the Queen's emotional funeral.

Meghan donned a black hat with a dress and cape while Harry was wearing a suit for today's funeral after being stripped of his royal military titles.

After the ceremony Harry appeared to grab Meghan's hand as they followed William and Kate out of the Abbey.

Earlier this morning the couple drove separetly to the service.

It comes as…

  • The Queen’s coffin has passed Buckingham Palace in poignant farewell
  • Tearful King Charles led his family in an outpouring of grief during his mother's funeral
  • Princess Charlotte and Prince George solemnly walked behind their Gan-Gan's coffin
  • Kate Middleton paid a touching tribute to The Queen wearing Her Majesty's pearl choker.
  • Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton looked united in sorrow as they followed the Queen's coffin

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were driven in a Range Rover from Wellington Arch, down Constitution Hill and on The Mall towards St James’ Palace.

Four vehicles with flags were seen driving ahead of Harry’s car.

Meanwhile, Prince William was seen travelling in a separate Range Rover with a police escort towards St. James' palace shortly after 10.15am.

He had a reflective expression on his face as he travelled in the vehicle.

His daughter Princess Charlotte was sat beside him in the car.


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Windsor a sea of people as thousands camp out to see Queen’s final journey

The royals then arrived at Westminister Hall for the Queen's procession.

King Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry all walked behind the coffin towards Westminister Abbey.

Hundreds of thousands of mourners have lined the streets ahead of today's emotional service – the climax of what has been described as the biggest security operation the UK has ever seen.

It comes after William and Harry flew to the Queen's bedside at Balmoral separately on the day she died in what some described as the latest indication of bad blood between them.

But they surprised royal fans by reuniting the "fab four" on an impromptu walkabout outside Windsor Castle.

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The pair, with wives Kate and Meghan, viewed flowers and notes left in tribute to the late monarch "to show unity at an incredibly difficult time".

The siblings then stood side-by-side behind the Queen's coffin as it made its final journey from Buckingham Palace several days later.

And they then put their differences aside to lead all eight of Her Majesty's grandchildren at a vigil in Westminster Hall.

It comes as the King led the Royal Family as they walked in solemn procession behind the Queen's coffin at her historic state funeral.

Charles, 73, appeared to wipe away a tear as he followed his late mother being carried into Westminster Abbey.

Her Majesty's casket is draped in the Royal Standard flag, and topped with her Crown, Orb and Sceptre.

Her children – Charles, Andrew, Anne and Edward – marched slowly behind, followed by Princes William and Harry.

Hundreds of thousands of mourners lined the streets ahead of today's emotional service – the climax of what has been described as the biggest security operation the UK has ever seen.

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