Tuesday, 6 Jun 2023

Gab.com, platform where synagogue shooting suspect made hateful posts, could be back this weekend

Gab.com, the website where the suspected Pittsburgh synagogue gunman posted anti-Semitic views, said on Monday it could be back online by this weekend after being asked by its domain provider, GoDaddy Inc, to move to another registrar.

“Spoke with our engineering team and new hosting provider. A conservative estimate is getting Gab.com back online by this weekend,” it said on Twitter, adding that it was aiming to do so even earlier than that.

Coverage of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting on Globalnews.ca:

“Our number one priority right now is helping the DOJ/FBI ensure that justice is served for this tragedy,” Gab.com said.

The 46-year-old suspect Robert Bowers in the shooting incident has been charged with murdering 11 people on Saturday in the deadliest attack ever on the Jewish community in the United States.

Hours earlier, he posted on Gab.com, saying a non-profit that helps refugees relocate to the country was helping to kill “my people.”

Gab.com went offline on Sunday after GoDaddy asked it to change the domain.

PayPal Holdings Inc, Stripe Inc and Joynet Inc also blocked the website.

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