Sunday, 19 May 2024

Surrey councillor wants to set up resource centre to help keep kids out of gangs

Keeping kids out of gangs will be the number one priority for the lone opposition councillor in Surrey.

Linda Annis, who will keep her day job as executive director at Crime Stoppers, would like to see a resource centre set up where kids and parents can obtain help.

“A go-to number where you call and they can work with families and their children to figure out what resources are required so that their kids don’t enter into a gang lifestyle.”

Annis said gangs are recruiting kids as young as 10 and that they’re often lured by those involved in dial-a-dope operations.

“It’s really critical for us to break that cycle and to work with the kids,” she said.

Such a resource centre would also help parents dealing with young people who have been caught up in this lifestyle.

“Most families that are faced with that dilemma have no idea where to turn and all that happens is fear that sets in, ‘oh my gosh my child is going completely in the wrong direction,’” she said.

Annis is the only Surrey First politician on council.

All other Surrey councillors are with Doug McCallum’s Safe Surrey Coalition.

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