Monday, 21 Sep 2020

Completely normal looking house for sale comes with a chilling secret – it houses its own PRISON

A STUNNING Victorian two-bedroom property has gone on the market – with the unique attraction of a nine-cell jail in the basement.

Built in 1875, this quaint house seems like the ideal family home – but inside it comes with a chilling secret.

The home, located in Missouri, is on the market for $350,000 and was used as the Howard County's Sheriff Office.

The home was sold on e-Bay in 2005 and the new owner renovated the property but kept its historic roots.

The nine cells were preserved and the cell door locks are in working condition, according to Jeff and Justin Radel of House of Brokers Reality.

The estimated $1.5million renovation means that the Victorian architecture has been transported into the 21st century – where there is over 2,400sq feet of space.

Inside the property, there are three levels of living space, two bedrooms and one-and-a-half bathrooms.

All appears normal until you venture down a passageway into a jail.

For $350,000, buyers are getting great value for money as there's certainly plenty of windows, even though they are in the basement.

The 2,500sq ft jail has nine cells, a booking room and half a bath.

The cells, which have square windows and benches that the inmates would sleep on, still have their nineteenth-century charm and offer a contrast from the modern decor upstairs.

The only change perhaps is that basement is fully-lighted these days.

The possibilities are endless with this unique property.

The current owner Mike Diamond told TMZ that the pad has been mostly run as an Airbnb and an event center. But, it could be turned into an escape room, a room where beer can be brewed, or even a restaurant.

Fayette Mayor Kevin Oeth suggested the property could be used as a haunted house at Halloween.

Kids could even host a jail-themed sleepover with their mates from school.

Telling your guests that you live in a property that features a nineteenth-century jail could be a great way of breaking the ice at dinner parties.

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