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Winnipeg, Regina mayors trade barbs as pair make bright bet on Sunday’s CFL game

Winnipeg’s mayor is all-in on the Blue Bombers.

Brian Bowman has made a gentleman’s agreement with Regina mayor Michael Fougere on the results of Sunday’s semi-final matchup with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

If the Bombers win, Regina’s Mosaic Stadium will be lit up in blue and gold.

If the Riders win, the “Winnipeg” sign at the Forks will be illuminated in green.

The loser will turn on their lights Monday night.

“Well it’s going to be a great game,” Bowman told 680 CJOB, noting the rivalry in the last game. “The score was 31 and — I can’t remember, Michael, how many points did the Saskatchewan Roughriders get?”

“Bah, the details don’t matter,” said Fougere.

The idea was Fougere’s, said Bowman, and the pair have made bets on the games before, but it generally involved running up the other team’s flag.

“I wanted to make this a bit more interesting,” said Fougere, “with me raising his flag at city hall too many times to mention … I think we hit the jackpot this time.”

“It’s a great rivalry, this is a good game for everyone,” he added. “I know there’ll be lots of Winnipeg people down here.”

When asked if the team had learned to count to 13 yet, Fougere responded with “You know, that hurts.

“Let me tell you this. We do know how to count, but it takes us a couple of times to do it,” he laughed.

Mayor Bowman reminded Winnipeggers to dress warm and drive out safely to Regina.

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