Monday, 3 Oct 2022

‘Talking is easy!’ Tugendhat humiliated as Kemi Badenoch lets rip at inexperienced MP

Tory leadership debate: Etchingham asks about Boris Johnson

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Kemi Badenoch rebuked Tom Tugendhat’s criticism of Boris Johnson’s Government, saying that “talking is easy”. Ms Badenoch claimed that Mr Tugendhat has not been on the frontline in policy decisions. She hit out at her rival candidate, saying: “It’s very easy for him to criticise what we’ve been doing when he has not been in Government.”

She added: “You haven’t taken any decisions. Talking is easy.”

Tom Tugendhat is the only candidate in the ongoing Conservative Party leadership race who has not held a leadership role in Government.

Mr Tugendhat hit back by pointing to his military record on the frontline, including his service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He claimed he has also been at the forefront of policy debates.

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