Friday, 9 Dec 2022

‘It’s socialism!’ Rishi Sunak erupts at Liz Truss in heated tax policy slapdown

Rishi Sunak: Something for nothing is socialism

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Rishi Sunak, who remains in the lead among support from Conservative MPs, clashed with Liz Truss within minutes of tonight’s leadership debate. The Foreign Secretary called out the former Chancellor, pointing out that she opposed his national insurance rise. She blamed him personally for raising taxes to a 70-year-high.

Mr Sunak swiped back at Ms Truss, who remains in third place among MP supporters.

He accused her of “something for nothing economics” by promising unfunded tax cuts.

The frontrunner said: “Something for nothing economics isn’t Conservative, it is socialism!”

The heated row erupted during a discussion on how the candidates would tackle the growing cost-of-living crisis.

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Mr Sunak also bashed Ms Mordaunt for wanting to increase borrowing.

He joked that even Jeremy Corbyn thought that went too far.

The former Chancellor said: “You’re proposing we borrow for day to day spending, putting those bills on a credit card.

“Literally even Jeremy Corbyn didn’t think that was the right approach.”

Prior to the debate, Jacob Rees-Mogg took aim at Rishi Sunak’s pledge to repeal EU law.

The Brexit opportunities minister Jacob Rees-Mogg described the promise as “surprising”.

He tweeted: “This is a surprising promise as the Treasury under his leadership was insisting that taxation was exempt from the removal of EU law.”


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