Monday, 6 Dec 2021

Guy Verhofstadt turns on von der Leyen in furious attack over bizarre EU video game stunt

Angela Merkel avoids handshake with Ursula von der Leyen

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The 68-year-old blasted EU Trade for a strange video posted on their official Twitter account. Mr Verhofstadt also took aim at Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission and Charles Michel, President of the European Council.

EU Trade tweeted a video which had the caption: “Trade is not only about closing deals, but also about keeping track of the commitments we make with our trading partners.

“And if there are unjustified barriers, we are stepping up our game. #AssertiveEU #EUTrade.”

But the former Prime Minister of Belgium used the bizarre post to attack Ms von der Leyen.

He tweeted: “When will the Commission release its video game on Rule of Law Enforcement?

“As it stands now, Orbán and Morawiecki easily beat Von der Leyen or Michel…”

Mr Verhofstadt was also joined by a number of other Twitter users who mocked the video.

Blidaru Madalin tweeted: “Spending EU taxpayers money on such animations is a new low for the communication of the EU institutions.

“What were the costs to generate and promote it, @Trade_EU?”

Dr. Maria Sokolova struggled to find the right words to say in response to the tweet.

They tweeted: “I have been thinking of what to reply to this tweet, but my awe cannot find the proper fit in words…”

However, Europhiles seemed to think that the odd video was actually a good production.

@AlbusLynx tweeted: “Could we also have a Pokémon version next time please?

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““Sabine I choose you!

“Go and defeat Lord Frost and his unreasonable requests related to the Northern Ireland Protocol!”

“Great idea, bravi!”

Pablo Perez praised: “If this is not the best EU tweet ever published, it is close.”

Truth Train echoed the views of Europhile Verhofstadt as they took aim at VDL.

They tweeted: “If the Parliament didn’t want to choose Ursula, why do you think we would?

“Her incompetence is matched only by her impotence, which is why the Council put her in power despite her awful track record.

“She’s a hopeless puppet. Europe deserves better.”

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