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Lotto results LIVE October 27: Have YOU won £8.7 million in tonight’s triple rollover?

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The National Lottery will see people compete for a significant £8.7 million Lotto jackpot tonight (October 27). Those who buy tickets for the draw could win either the jackpot or several other cash prizes.

What time is tonight’s National Lottery draw?

The Lotto draw can be watched on Wednesday’s via the National Lottery Youtube channel or website at around 8pm.

People can buy tickets up until 7.30pm, after which sales close.

Without a clear winner, they will open again later this evening.

What are tonight’s winning Lotto numbers?

The Lotto draw for October 27 has not taken place yet. will update this page when the winning Lotto numbers are announced later this evening.

How much can you win with Lotto?

If one lucky entrant does claim the jackpot, people have five other chances to win.

The National Lottery provides six prize tiers based on how many ticket numbers match those drawn.

All six numbers net them the top prize, and the remaining five provide additional chances to win some cash, but much less.

They could still make people an instant millionaire or net them one Lucky Dip.

The prize tiers work as follows:

Six main numbers: Jackpot

Five main numbers and bonus ball: £1 million

Five main numbers: £1,750

Four main numbers: £140

There main numbers: £30

Two main numbers: Lucky Dip

If no one wins tonight’s lottery jackpot, it will roll over again.

The National Lottery’s rollover system provides space for a total of four before the “must be won” stage.

Each rollover adds on an amount determined by ticket sales for the previous draw.

Without a winner at this stage, the lottery initiates a “jackpot roll down”.

During a roll down, several players will share the jackpot.

Players could win a chunk of the top prize matching two or more main numbers.

According to the National Lottery, this will give “thousands” of people a chance to win a “boosted cash prize”.

The National Lottery will not reveal the next jackpot value until after tonight’s draw.

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