Thursday, 2 Feb 2023

Brexiteer warns against single market as EU economy teeters

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Rupert Lowe dismantled Sadiq Khan’s call for greater alignment with the European Union. The former Brexit Party MEP told Mark Dolan on GB News that the London Mayor was “on very dangerous ground”. This week Mr Khan launched a blistering attack on what he described as the Government’s “denial” of the “immense damage” he says Brexit is doing.

Responding to this criticism, Mr Lowe warned against dragging the UK back into line with the EU amid an impending economic crisis in the bloc.

He said: “The numbers today on the British economy were encouraging.

“And then you can look at how badly Europe’s economy is doing, and how it will do in the future.

“The truth is Europe is in an extremely precarious position.”

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The former MEP listed the issues facing Brussels: “We have these faultlines from the euro. We have Italy hanging on by its fingernails, it is hugely indebted.

“We have the Bundesbank now backing control of monetary policy.

“Despite the fact that Europe spends a lot more on PR than us, we are quietly doing very well and we haven’t even unleashed Brexit yet.”

The UK economy unexpectedly grew in November expanding by 0.1 percent, in spite of households being squeezed by rising prices.

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Meanwhile, German’s Bundesbank admitted that inflation in the EU’s biggest economy is likely to be higher than earlier thought while economic growth will be weaker.

The new forecasts also confirm that Germany is likely to be one of the weakest performers in the eurozone next year, with a recession in the country next year now certain.

Earlier in the interview, Mr Lowe called on the Government to hurry up and implement Brexit fully.


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He said: “I think Sadiq Khan is on very dangerous ground. He is failing London in a big way and London will pay the price for many of his misguided policies for a long time to come.

“I can’t believe we are allowing our elected leaders to frustrate the will of the people, who are ultimately their political masters.

“I think it’s interesting that the establishment has yet to really deliver Brexit for the British people, they continue to frustrate it.

“We still have hundreds of laws that need to be repealed, and we haven’t yet given Brexit a proper chance.”

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