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White House reporters were overheard calling Trump's minute-long press conference 'weird as s—'

British royal Meghan speaks about miscarriage in media article

LONDON (REUTERS) – Meghan, Britain’s Duchess of Sussex, has revealed in an opinion article published in the New York Times on Wednesday (Nov 25) that she had a miscarriage, an extraordinarily personal disclosure coming from a high-profile British royal.

The wife of Prince Harry wrote about the experience in detail, saying that it took place one July morning when she was caring for Archie, the couple’s son.

“I knew, as I clutched my firstborn child, that I was losing my second,” Meghan wrote.

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Former Canal+, TF1 & M6 Execs Launch Paris-Based Production Company Taleseed

French execs Valérie Billaut, Stéphane Cadoch and Hugues Laigneau are launching Paris-based production company Taleseed.

Based at start-up campus Station F in Paris, the founders herald from French firms Canal+, TF1 and M6. The company will aim to work with producers and writers to develop, produce and distribute series, films and documentaries with strong international distribution value and overseas format potential for broadcasters and streamers.

The company also says that in due course it will “offer its services through a unique digital platform”.

Valérie Billaut, who will serve as co-founder and CEO, spent 20 years within the Canal+ and M6 media companies, as Director of Broadcasting, Co-productions and Content Acquisitions. She then worked as an advisor on the launch of an SVOD platform in Europe and helped with international negotiations for a U.S. studio.

Co-founder Stéphane Cadoch spent 10 years in corporate finance at Arthur Andersen and Crédit Lyonnais New York, and 10 years within the TF1 Group, in strategy, digital and as Director of TF1 Distribution. He then mentored start-ups in the fields of blockchain, SVOD and news.

Co-founder Hugues Laigneau held key positions within the TF1 Group, heading the Revenue Management of the advertising sales division, then as Marketing Director for Channels and Content, and finally as Digital Director. He then supported various media players, including start-ups working on issues related to industry digitization.

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Trump Lawyer’s Latest Praise Of The President Goes Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

A senior legal adviser to Donald Trump ― who once described the president as an “idiot” and a “bully” ― drew widespread ridicule over her attempted depiction of him as a hero on Tuesday night.

Jenna Ellis, part of the Trump legal team trying to overturn the 2020 election result (despite no evidence of the mass voter fraud they claim), tweeted a picture of Trump leaning on the Oval Office desk alongside the caption: “WARRIOR.”

Critics had a field day over the photo.

Some reminded Ellis of her past slamming of the president.

Others recalled Trump’s medical exemption from the Vietnam War draft because of alleged bone spurs in his heels and his insulting of America’s war dead as “suckers” and “losers.”

Journalist Mehdi Hasan, meanwhile, noted how Trump in the 1990s had called avoiding contracting sexually transmitted infections to “my personal Vietnam.”


Swedish Life Expectancy to Drop for First Time in Century Due to Covid-19

Life expectancy is set to drop in Sweden this year as a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic, the country’s statistics agency said.

The average age people live “has increased steadily in Sweden from 1900 to 2019,” the agency said in a statement on Wednesday. “The fact that it’s now falling stands out.”

Sweden has suffered a much higher Covid-19 mortality rate than its Nordic neighbors, with its old-age care homes particularly hard hit. The country’s decision not to impose a lockdown remains controversial, and authorities are now shifting gear to place outright bans on some forms of social interaction as the virus continues to spread.

For men, average life expectancy has already fallen to 80.8 in the year through August, from 81.3, Statistics Sweden said. For women, it fell to 84.4 from 84.7.

Based on the development so far, “Life expectancy in Sweden will most likely fall this year,” the agency said. The biggest drop is expected to hit the greater Stockholm area, it said.

Car Hits Gates of Merkel’s Berlin Office, Causes ‘Minor Damage’

A passenger vehicle caused minor damage when it hit the gates of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office in central Berlin on Wednesday.

Unverified photographs posted on Twitter showed a car next to the gate, with police and ambulance personnel standing nearby. The vehicle had slogans painted on it reading: “You damn child and old people killers” and “Stop globalisation policy.”

A German government spokesperson contacted by Bloomberg said that the impact was at low speed and had caused “slight damage.” Berlin police said in a tweet that the driver had been taken into custody and they were seeking to determine if he had deliberately driven into the gate.

Merkel was chairing a meeting of her cabinet in the building at the time of the incident.

— With assistance by Katharina Rosskopf

White House reporters were overheard calling Trump's minute-long press conference 'weird as s—'

  • White House reporters were left puzzled on Tuesday after President Donald Trump gave a minute-long press conference and left without taking any questions.
  • Trump hailed the Dow Jones Industrial Average's record-breaking gains, thanked his staff, praised the coronavirus vaccine, and left without taking questions.
  • As he finished, reporters tried to ask him about the transition to President-elect Joe Biden, but the president walked right out.
  • Afterwards a number of reporters, many of whom likely used to Trump's often-erratic speeches, were filmed reacting to the briefing.
  • "Well, that was weird as s—," one reporter was heard saying, while another was heard saying: "That was one of the stranger briefings."
  • Jordan Fabian, Bloomberg's White House correspondent, later tweeted: "One of the stranger presidential briefing room appearances," adding that Vice President Mike Pence was also present but did not say anything. 
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