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Woman trampled by moose while walking her dog

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This is the terrifying moment a woman and her dog were trampled by a moose.

Footage shows Tracy Hansen, and her dog Gunner, being pushed down into the snow by the enormous animal in Alaska, US.

A driver and his passenger, Kate Timmons, who filmed the incident, warned Tracy just before the moose attacked.

Kate shouts ‘watch out!’ as the moose lifts its front legs to stamp on Tracy.

‘I thought someone had not been paying attention and hit me with a bike or something,’ Tracy told the BBC.

‘I had put my hands up to my head, and I was like, “I’m bleeding.”‘

She saw the moose earlier in her walk, and was shocked to suddenly see it in front of her when she lifted her head.

Kate and her husband were thankfully on hand to give Tracy and Gunner a ride to safety.

Kate said: ‘My husband was able to help pull her over the snow bank so we could put her in the truck with her dog and get her out of the way. It happened so fast.

‘It was a matter of getting her out of the situation and getting her help.’

Kate said she was surprised Tracy escaped the attack with no head trauma or serious bleeding.

But she did need staples in her head and suffered from bruising over her body.

Her dog, Gunner, was uninjured.

Tracy said: ‘The Lord put her in the right place, at the right time, to be able to help.’

The incident has not deterred Tracy and Gunner, though, as they continue to brave the same path for their daily walks.

‘We’ll be back on our normal walks, the moose won’t stop that,’ she added.

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