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Woman says she ‘can’t get a job because of her tattoos’ but she does not mind

A woman who is covered head to toe in tattoos has claimed her body art has hindered her chances of finding employment, but she says she doesn’t mind. Trinity Eclectic, a popular TikToker with a following of 180,000, has been answering questions about her tattoos on various social media platforms. While she proudly displays her inked arms and legs, it is the tattoos on her forehead and the star on her cheek that pose challenges for her employment prospects, she says.

The way she looks prevents her from securing work, but she clarified that she is not bothered.

One of her followers asked on her account: “What do you do for a living?”

To which Trinity replied: “I don’t work.”

The voice questioned: “So what do you do during the day?” and Trinity replied that she did “nothing”.

This prompted another social media user to follow up and ask: “You don’t wanna work?”

Trinity then answered the question with a simple “no”.

The video sparked fierce discussion, with many praising the content creator, as one TikTok user commented: “In other words, everybody’s dream.”

Another added: “Gorgeous lady. Love your tattoos.”

Meanwhile, others were less supportive of her views as they took to the comment section and one person wrote: “Takes people’s taxes.”

Trinity isn’t the first person to speak out about the difficulties people with body art face when searching for employment as in a statement earlier this month, a mother of seven, adorned with facial tattoos, expressed her frustration, claiming that she faced discrimination in the job market.

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Despite receiving judgmental stares and encountering mean-spirited people, Melissa Sloan, aged 45, remains undeterred in her passion for tattoos.

She said: “I’ve got too many tattoos now, too many to count. I’ve gone over ones I’ve already had.

“I’ll never stop, I tattooed over them because I’d ran out of space.

“People call me Crazy Melissa, but I just feel like Melissa – that’s who I am. If they don’t like it, they don’t have to look at me – I take no notice.

“There are some judgmental people out there, they judge you whatever. People stare at me, you get used to it.”

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