Tuesday, 1 Dec 2020

Woman kept prisoner in cupboard and made to feel like a slave by boyfriend

A bully who made his girlfriend’s life a living hell has been jailed for a catalogue of abuse against her.

Shane Bowen started to control his girlfriend after around six months into their relationship, often becoming violent and treating her like a slave.

Prosecutor Ian Wright told Swansea Crown Court Bowen wouldn’t regularly assault the woman, throttling and headbutting her and constantly accusing her of cheating on him.

On one occasion police found her being held prisoner in a cupboard at a house in Neath, South Wales, where they lived.

On another he lost his temper when she ordered from the wrong Chinese restaurant, throwing plates of food around before slamming her head into the wall and forcing her to clean it up.

He told her ‘I don’t f***ing like any other Chinese except New Garden’ and made her drive them both to Briton Ferry to go to the right restaurant.

He would not let her have her own mobile, withdrew her benefit money at the beginning of each month and make her ask for handouts. He also controlled her friends, insisted they ate the same food and controlled access to birth control.

However, when witnesses to the control and abuse contacted police, she would refuse to co-operate.

In March this year he was jailed for three months for attacking the woman at a bar in Pontardawe. When he was released he stormed round to her house in a rage and accused her of sleeping around.

Bowen was jailed again over summer for breaching a court order and following his latest appearance he has been jailed for another two years.

He is also banned from seeing his ex for five years.

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