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Woman claims her life has been ruined after punching a horse

A woman has claimed her life has been ruined after she punched a horse.

Sarah Moulds, 39, claimed her life has been “torn to pieces” after footage showed her kicking and punching a horse.

Mrs Moulds, a former primary school teacher, can be seen taking the pony known as Bruce Almighty and punching it in the chest in shocking footage.

Lincoln Crown Court heard how the teacher allegedly slapped the horse around the head four times in November 2021.

Mrs Moulds reportedly broke down in tears after the footage was played to jurors.

The court heard how Mrs Moulds said her family had to leave their home with a police escort and go into hiding after the video was released.

The defendant told the court: “Without considering what those two children went through, considering I lost my job.

“We never went trail hunting again because these people threatened to kill me.”

The court heard from Mrs Moulds her account of what happened in the video.

She said: “When Bruce leaves us, in that moment, that child is holding the rope because she does not want to let Bruce go.

“I shouted at her to let him go. He is 400 kilos. At that moment there is a number of horrific things that could happen. She could fall. She could trip.

“In that moment he had done something incredibly dangerous, and in that moment I decided to discipline him.

“We have seen it slowed down in milliseconds, but in reality, it was four seconds.”

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Defending, Derek Duffy, told the court Mrs Moulds was delivering immediate punishment for the horse’s actions.

A vet called as a defence expert said the horse did not suffer unnecessary pain and suffering.

Prosecuting for the RSPCA, Hazel Stephens said: “This is a case brought by the RSPCA, a private prosecution, and arises from events in 2021.

“The prosecution case effectively is firstly that this pony suffered, it suffered physically and mentally at the time, and that suffering was unnecessary.”

The trial continues.

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