Friday, 30 Oct 2020

Whack-a-mole strategy: What is whack-a-mole, what does whack-a-mole mean for Leicester?

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Whack-a-mole strategy defines Boris Johnson’s approach to tackling local coronavirus spikes in the UK. The Prime Minister has recently allowed officials to decelerate the UK-wide lockdown, but local situations remain in a state of flux, making regional variations in lockdown an important facet to the overall response. 

What is whack-a-mole? 

The Prime Minister’s use of whack-a-mole to describe a vital response to a killer virus has bemused many in the UK. 

Mr Johnson refers to an age-old fairground game which involves hitting fake “moles” with a mallet as emerge from holes in a spring-loaded board. 

The aim of the game is to prevent each mole from staying out for too long, otherwise they retreat and the player loses a point. 

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