Sunday, 13 Jun 2021

Weighty Dolly the pig is rescued by firefighters at farm in Essex

Firefighters were called upon to save the bacon of a 31-stone pig who found herself stuck in the mud while taking a nap.

The three crews had to get Dolly “back on her trotters”, after the eight-year-old got into difficulty at her sty in Felsted, near Braintree, Essex.

She had dozed off and unfortunately couldn’t get herself back up again.

Essex Fire and Rescue Service came to her aid and said Dolly, who weighs in at a hefty 200kg (31st 6lb), had been suffering from “distress”.

Crew manager Lewis Black said: “The pig had lied down in its sty but got stuck in the mud and could not get herself up.

“Crews worked in difficult conditions using strops – specialist straps for lifting – glide sheets and a fair bit of brute force to get her upright.”

The Animal Rescue Unit said they were “delighted” to help the owner and see Dolly “back to herself”, as it was their first incident involving a pig.

A fire service spokesman said they “got Dolly back on her trotters”, then “left her to hog the limelight”.

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