Saturday, 28 Mar 2020

Uri Geller insists he could join Boris Johnson as a Downing Street advisor

Earlier this month Boris Johnson’s close advisor and mastermind behind the Brexit campaign Dominic Cummings, revealed he wanted “weirdos and misfits” to apply for jobs at Downing Street. The announcement sent shockwaves through the British political system, potentially tuning on its head years of civil service standards and protocol.

Applications that have been received by Downing Street include one from the magician and illusionist, Uri Geller.

The British-Israeli became famous for his self-professed ability to bend spoons with his “mind” in the 1970s.

It has since been revealed that Mr Geller had sent an application to work at Downing Street after hearing the news about Mr Cummings’ blog.

Appearing on yesterday evening’s BBC Newsnight, Mt Geller claimed he knew that the government was considering his application.

He said: “Look, there’s no doubt in my mind that thousands of people submitted the application form.

“But, I’m sure I’ll get a response very soon – actually from inside information I know.”

Here, Newsnight’s presenter, Katie Razzall, asked Mr Geller about whether his “supernatural” abilities had helped him in finding out about his imminent success.

She said: “You’re a psychic, what’s your prediction?”

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To this, Mr Geller smiled and replied: “I hear they are very serious about my application.

“It’s that simple.

“I hope that I’ll get there.

“Remember, I’m a British citizen I have a British passport – most of my life I lived in the UK.


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“I’m ready for the job.”

A job at Downing Street would add another feather to Mr Geller’s hat, having already several notable accolades and achievements his belt.

Known for his close relationship with Michael Jackson, he negotiated Martin Bashir’s bombshell interview with the king of pop in the 2000s.

He also dabbled in football, attempting to help Exeter City win a crucial end of season game by placing “energy-infused” crystals behind the goals at the ground.

His help was of no avail, however, as the team lost 5-1.

In 2002, he claimed to have helped Reading FC avoid relegation by looking into the eye’s of the club’s supporters and getting them to chant “win, Reading, win”.

In Mr Cummings blog post he hinted at wanting to revamp the civil service and bring the outfit into the 21st century by employing those from scientific and technological disciplines.

People encouraged to apply, the post said, should follow under the following categories: Data scientists and software developers, economists, policy experts, project managers, communication experts, junior researchers, weirdos and misfits with odd skills.

One junior applicant will be chosen to be his personal assistant.

In the post, he wrote: “We need some true wild cards, artists, people who never went to university and fought their way out of an appalling hell hole, weirdos from William Gibson novels like that girl hired by Bigend as a brand ‘diviner’ who feels sick at the sight of Tommy Hilfiger or that Chinese-Cuban free runner from a crime family hired by the KGB.

“If you want to figure out what characters around Putin might do, or how international criminal gangs might exploit holes in our border security, you don’t want more Oxbridge English graduates who chat about French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan at dinner parties with TV producers and spread fake news about fake news.”

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