Tuesday, 21 May 2024

UK city terrorised by ‘psycho’ seagulls leaving residents ‘bloodied’ in attacks

“Psycho” gulls are terrorising locals with attacks and preventing people from sleeping with their early morning calls in a picturesque Somerset city.

A Bath resident who only gave his first name, Gavin, warned the winged beasts are displaying “increasingly aggressive behaviour” in the city.

He said gulls wake him up at 3am and their constant calling stops him drifting back off to sleep.

Gavin told the Daily Star: “It’s been impossible to escape sleep deprivation.

“I had a sandwich snatched from my hand, drawing blood; I have been hit on the head by a gull while walking and I have witnessed a gull take ducklings from the canal.”

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Locals from towns across the UK have reported being plagued by gulls, including in Worcester, Rhyl and other hotspots.

Bath’s tall Georgian buildings provide perfect perching and nesting spots for the gulls with residents at the city’s new Riverside development particularly hit by the latest wave.

Gavin, who moved to Riverside last year, said his health and wellbeing have suffered as result of sleep deprivation, anxiety and being unable to concentrate when his windows are open.

The gulls and their nests are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, but Natural England can grant licences to control birds by removing nests or eggs.

Gavin urged Bath and North East Somerset councillors to ask Natural England to address the issue.

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City Cllr June Player told the Daily Star: “Natural England is protecting all birds, but who is protecting the residents?”

She called for flat roofs to be banned and said the plague of gulls is causing distress and misery to locals.

Cllr Tim Ball, Cabinet member for Neighbourhood Services, said: “Like all councils, we are limited in what we can do about gulls.

“Natural England has very strict conditions about issuing licences for nest and egg removals because gulls are a protected species by law.”

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