Friday, 1 Mar 2024

Two dogs shot dead by police after elderly man attacked in quiet street

Following an incident in a residential street, armed police shot and killed two dogs.

In the wake of the incident, a man in his 70s is receiving treatment in hospital for serious injuries.

The ordeal took place in Lewes Close, Bognor, at around 9:50am today, after which police received multiple reports of a man being attacked by two canines, believed to be rottweilers.

Police said that due to the continued threat posed by the dogs, and in order to protect the victim and community at large, specialist firearms officers were “swiftly deployed” to apprehend the animals.

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The authorities confirmed that firearms were discharged and that both animals are now dead.

According to The Argus, the dogs’ owners have been located and enquiries are ongoing.

Chief Superintendent Alex Geldart said: “We acknowledge the distressing nature of this incident and would like to assure the community that there is no further risk associated with it.

“The victim’s family are receiving support by specialist officers.

“This is a fast-moving investigation and enquiries are underway to establish the exact circumstances of what happened.

“We are aware this happened in a residential area and we’re urging anyone with information – including mobile or CCTV footage – to please contact us quoting Op Byfleet.

“You can report it online or call 101.”

This incident has been referred to the IOPC as a matter of course as a result of police involvement.

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