Sunday, 3 Mar 2024

Twitter users report 'disappearing' replies and 'broken' timelines

Twitter users have reported a wide range of problems on the social media site tonight.

Replies to messages seem to be ‘disappearing’ and others say they are struggling to see an updated timeline.

The most common error message received tonight is simply ‘Something went wrong. Try reloading.’

Downdetector has also seen a spike of complaints.

The website – which tracks errors on websites – has been inundated with reports with people questioning ‘Is Twitter Down’ since 4pm.

On Twitter, Brooke_Capri wrote: ‘Anyone else having issues with Twitter? Tweets not loading and/or gifs not loading. #TwitterDown’

JunkcultureNFT added: ‘Twitter seems to be melting down for me right now… Not working right at all.’

Another added that reply notifications were ‘disappearing’.

Error messages are also being received when companies try post videos or static images through the Twitter Media Studio.

Twitter, which was acquired by billionaire Elon Musk in a $44 billion takeover last year, suffered a major outage in December.

It left leaving of thousands of users globally unable to access the platform or use its key features for several hours before services appeared to come back online.

Another outage earlier this month hit nearly 9,000 users.

It’s been quite the week for Mr Musk, after similar problems over at Tesla this week.

twitter users: my notifications, my timeline, they’re all very broken, please could you let developers fix these things instead of creating needless vanity features no one wants
eln: what I’m hearing is ‘put a key security feature behind a paywall’

It’s the #MaskedSingerUK Final but Twitter is broken

Drivers were left struggling to charge their cars after Europe-wide app woes.

Users were shown the error message ‘503 Server Maintenance’.

Some Tesla drivers said they couldn’t connect to their Powerwall home battery charging system.

Others were unable to access public chargers.

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