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The quaint Welsh town haunted by a little girl whispering ‘don’t tell them’

Conwy is a walled market town that sits at the very tip of North Wales.

Complete with a medieval castle constructed by Edward I of England in the 13th century, Conwy attracts scores of visitors each year for its beautiful surroundings.

The walls of the castle, one of which once belonged to the last native Prince of Wales Llewelyn ap Gruffyd, are a World Heritage Site, bringing in history buffs and those interested in Wales’ rich cultural history.

Yet, there is another reason why many come to this town, also related to the town’s history.

Conwy, it is said, is one of Wales’ most haunted communities, a place where people long since dead walk the streets as ghosts and ghouls.

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Visitors to Conwy enjoy a range of activities, from mussel foraging on its pristine beaches to visiting hundreds of years old monasteries.

The ghostly presence of the town, however, appears to favour Conwy Castle, and it is no wonder why.

Almost 1,000 years old, the castle has seen its fair share of drama, bloodshed, and power struggles.

Visitors to the castle regularly flee the site in fright, some claiming to have smelt incense in the old chapel despite none being lit.

The spirits of prisoners left in cells during King Henry VIII’s reign are said to walk the stalls, with sightings of silhouettes and dark figures by those in the town regularly making headlines.

In 2016, a team of paranormal investigators claimed they captured an audio recording of the voice of a little girl spirit saying: “Don’t tell them”.

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Four years later, in 2020, another ghostly sighing was captured after a man photographed what appeared to be a line of phantoms led by a ghost holding a sword.

There are other spooky locations dotted around Conwy. ‘The Curse of the Conwy Mermaids’ is a myth that is said to haunt Conwy Quay.

The story goes that a group of fishermen once caught a mermaid in their nets and, despite her pleas, took her back to Conwy and paraded her through the town. Using her last breath, she set a curse on the town, something which is said to be in place to this day.

Plan Mawr is one of Wales’ most prized historical attractions and has a dark history.

A medieval mansion, it was built for Robert Wynn in 1577, becoming the home of him, his wife, and his infant son.

When Robert was away one day, his wife came down from the tower with her son in her arms to find a warmer part of the house.

On descending the staircase she tripped and fell into the Lantern room, injuring them both.

Their usual doctor was away and so a newly qualified doctor was called to attend to them but, unable to treat them properly, he locked them all inside the room.

When Robert returned, he found his wife and son dead, with the doctor, who had tried to escape up the chimney, also dead.

Visitors say mysterious noises can still be heard coming from the Lantern room today.

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