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The dark meaning behind a popular nursery rhyme has left people reeling

The true meaning of a seemingly innocent nursery rhyme has left people shocked.

It’s a nursery rhyme sang by children around the world – but now its dark explanation has been revealed by a TikTok user.

StupidLittleGenius told followers that although ‘It’s Raining, It’s Pouring’ seems to be about the weather it actually has a much more sinister origin.

The words of the nursery rhyme are as follows:

“It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring.

“He went to bed and bumped his head and couldn’t get up in the morning.”

But viewers of the online video were shocked when they found out what it really means.

The TikToker said: “Although it doesn’t describe any specific person, it does tell us a cautionary tale.

“Surprisingly this rhyme has nothing to do with the weather at all.

“In actual fact, the old man liked a good drink and ‘it’s raining and pouring’ refers to the alcoholic drinks being poured very liberally like it’s raining cocktails and shots.

“That’s right, the old man was drunk, very drunk.”

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The TikToker then went on to describe what the ending of the well-known verse means.

The user said: “Anyway, after drinking so much that he couldn’t stay awake, he started nodding off and snoring so he decided it’s time to sleep it off.

“But, by this point he was so inebriated, he probably couldn’t even walk in a straight line.

“So, when he went to bed, he stumbled, fell, or otherwise drunkenly bumped his head.

“And that must have been some bump because he couldn’t get up in the morning, because well…he was dead.”

StupidLittleGenius says that the old man suffered “major head trauma.”

The TikToker added: “A cautionary tale to remind us when it’s raining and pouring alcoholic beverages, don’t drink so much that you bump your head – or you could end up dead!”

The video has now clocked up 11.8k likes and been seen 341k times.

People piled in on the comments section to share their reactions.

One said: “Childhood ruined.”

And another said: “Don’t think I’ll be able to sing this the same.”

Others chipped in with their own theories, suggesting he might have just slept in after a long drinking session.

One said: “He was too hungover to wake up.”

The TikToker often shares meanings behind popular nursery rhymes and tunes.

Other well known nursery rhymes such as ‘Ring a Ring O’ Roses’ also seem to have darker meanings.

Some theories say the tune relates to the London plague with the ring of roses apparently relating to the rash that sufferers developed.

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