Sunday, 3 Mar 2024

Teenager jailed for life after stabbing man to death in Asda

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A statement was read on behalf of Ian’s wife, Lyndsey.

The statement said: “Ian was a big kid, a wonderful person who was full of love, kindness and generosity. I really miss him in my life.

“I miss his ways that would drive me crazy. But he always made me, our family and friends, happy. There was never a day we didn’t laugh when he was with us.

“Ian would always make us feel protected, secure and safe. Ian was the better half of our relationship. He gave people chances, was a fountain of knowledge and was passionate about the world, politics, health and education.

“Ian would have helped anyone, even someone who had done him wrong. He had the biggest heart. He cared for our family and friends and always supported them where he could in tough times.”

Ian’s wife said the couple wanted a child and, after several rounds of unsuccessful IVF, planned to adopt.

Lyndsey added: “Ian and I had so many plans for the future. We longed for a child and ahd undergone a number of rounds of IVF which were unsuccessful.

“Our plan during 2022 was to look into adopting. That chance has now been taken away from Ian.

“He will never have the change to be called ‘daddy’. Ian’s death has taken years away from him and myself.”

Alongside the 15-year-old, three others were sentenced for their role in Ian’s death.

Three boys – one 14-year-old, one 15-year-old and a 16-year-old – were sentenced for violent disorder in connection with the attack.

All three were sentenced to Youth Rehabilitation Orders, each with unique requirements attached.

The court heard how the teenagers travelled to Redditch from Birmingham with Snapchat messages revealing the killer wanted to purchase drugs, attack a local dealer, and rob members of the public.

After banging on Mr Kirwan’s cubicle door, he reportedly challenged them outside the Asda; this led to the 15-year-old stabbing him in the chest.

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