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Tattooed woman slams ‘judgemental’ older people who think she’s ‘ruined’ herself

A woman has hit out at “older generations” after receiving backlash for her extensively tattooed body. Taylor Paige Courtenay, 26, from South Devon, has spent the last decade covering herself in body art, after she received her first tattoo at 17. She has highlighted the negative comments from people, some of whom have said she “ruined” herself.

Speaking to the Daily Star, the TikTok user said she receives comments from the “elder generation”.

The 26-year-old has a flash of stunning tattoos extending across her chest, arms, and torso, down to her legs.

She lovingly shows offer her art to her legions of social media fans, with 35,000 following her on Instagram, 314,000 on TikTok and more than 15,000 on Twitter.

In one video posted to TikTok, she revealed a message she received telling her that her tattoos “are not going to look good when you hit 60”.


She has hit back at her critics, telling the Star that she thinks her ink breaks people’s decades-old established norms.

Ms Paige said: “Personally, I think they see a young, healthy female, and obviously it was never the ‘norm’ to them to see a female with a lot of tattoos in very outstanding places back when they were younger.”

She guessed that the people who comment on her life choices “just presume that I haven’t thought about my decisions”.

Therefore, she added, she believes they conclude that “I’ve ruined myself”.

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In her video, she hit back, saying it was “bold of you to assume you even look good at 60”, adding: “I’ll easily be the hottest mum in the school courtyard picking up my kids soooo.”

In addition to her online hate, she said she has also received some negative attention offline and in person.

During a recent visit to a cafe with her grandparents, she said strangers stared and whispered about her.

The judgemental attitudes have left her feeling she has to be “overly nice, polite and smile more” to show she is not a “different person” with or without her tattoos.

In her videos, Ms Paige proudly owns her tattoos, which include a Medusa head displayed in pride-of-place on her neck.

Her others include a bee and swan in a colourful nature scene on her left arm and a rampant tiger and leopard on either side of her belly button.

She is now eager to “change older people’s opinions” on tattoos, with research showing older Britons are less accepting of permanent ink.

A study conducted by YouGov in August last year found that, of 2,224 British adults aged 18 to 55+, 59 percent of those aged over 55 viewed any kind of tattoo as “negative” or “very negative”.

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