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Tanning salon owner 'truly disgusted' after customer wees on sunbed

A tanning salon owner was left ‘truly disgusted’ after a sunbed mishap at her work in Greater Manchester.

Odelle Burney says a woman visited her salon in Lees, Oldham on Thursday afternoon for a mere six minutes.

She used a sunbed then ‘scuffled nicely out of the shop and that was that’.

Nothing initially seemed amiss and staff went on their duties, until one worker went to use the same sunbed.

She ‘slipped on the mat because it was so wet’ before ‘noticing the smell’.

The worker lifted the mat and was shocked to discover what had happened.

Odelle said: ‘To wee on a sunbed with the electricity and high voltage is pretty crazy to me – why do people think it’s acceptable to do that?

‘We have a staff toilet and we’ll let customers use it for medical reasons or if there’s an emergency, but we’re also opposite a library that has a public toilet. It’s not like there weren’t any options.’

Surprisingly, this is not the first time Odelle and her staff have had to deal with a wee-related issue.

This marks the fifth occasion a customer has wet themselves in a sunbed in the 10 years she has owned the salon.

She added: ‘It’s crazy, I don’t know what it is but it appears to be quite a common thing in sunbed shops.

‘Maybe it’s just from people coming in from the cold and then the heat hits them and they can’t control their bladder, but it’s definitely not the first time it’s happened – we’ve had about five incidents in ten years.’

Thursday was actually Odelle’s day off, but the incident meant she had to come in to deep clean the sunbed cubicle.

She has had to throw away all the internal and external mats, order new ones and close the room while it was being sanitised so the company lost money.

‘I could do without this, to be honest with you. It’s one extra thing we’ve have to deal with,’ she said.

The customer is not a regular but CCTV cameras mean Odelle could identify them again.

She said: ‘Obviously, if she comes back in again, I’m going to have to pull her to one side and bar her.

‘I kind of hope she doesn’t come back as it avoids me the embarrassment of having to do that.’

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