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Spain issues urgent warning to holidaymakers

An ‘extreme risk’ weather warning is in place in parts of Spain with temperatures skyrocketing.

Certain areas of the country are expected to get unbearably hot today, with the Met Office forecasting highs of 45°C in Seville, in the south west of the country.

Holidaymakers have been warned of alerts put in place by Spain’s weather service Aemet. Warnings are in place for most of the country, with categories including ‘risk’, ‘important risk’ and ‘extreme risk’.

Parts of the south west, including Cordoba, Jerez and Huelva, have also been marked in red with an ‘extreme risk’ weather warning.

‘Important risk’ areas surround these places, marked as orange, while the yellow areas, simply classed as ‘risk’, tend to be in the middle and northern parts of Spain.

According to the Met Office, temperatures will creep up to 45°C today in certain places, and with be a scorching 35°C at 11pm,

Other parts of Spain are still expected to reach the late 30s, with highs of 37°C forecast in Madrid.

The most northern parts are slightly cooler, with highs of 29°C expected in Bilbao and 30°C in Barcelona.

Certain parts of Europe have experienced extreme heatwaves in recent weeks, with, the wildfires breaking out on the Spanish island of La Palma last month.

Weather experts have declared that 2023 is an El Niño year, which is a natural phenomenon that causes fluctuations in the climate and occurs cyclically.

It will increase temperatures around the globe for the rest of the year, according to the UN’s World Meteorological Organisation.

Certain parts of Europe have experienced extreme heatwaves in recent weeks with wildfires breaking out on the Spanish island of La Palma last month.

More than 500 people were evacuated.

Health advice in extreme heat

Holidaymakers are advised to be careful in such extreme heat, taking precautions like drinking water frequently, even if you’re not thirsty and making sure you always have access to water.

Health experts say it’s also advisable to avoid drinks containing alcohol, caffeine and sugar because they make you more dehydrated.

It’s best to avoid physical activity in the hottest hours of the day, which tend to hit in the middle of the day and into the afternoon.

If possible, wear light, baggy clothing that allows you to sweat.

It’s a good idea to eat light meals so you replace the salt you lose through sweating, even if you’re not that hungry in the heat.

If you are going to be outside, make sure you wear a hat, sunglasses and a high factor sun cream.

You should also be careful about storing medication in the heat. Make sure you find a cool place to store it as heat can alter its effects.

Anyone who does experience symptoms linked to getting too hot or being exposed to too much sun for more than an hour should seek medical help.

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