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Six royal bombshells from Omid Scobie’s new book including Queen’s dying wish


  • Harry was “kept in the dark” about the Queen’s declining health
  • Harry forced to “beg” the royals not to break news of the Queen’s death
  • The real reason Harry quit the Royal Family
  • Prince William’s response to his brother
  • Harry has been “brainwashed”
  • Omid Scobie, the unofficial biographer of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, is preparing to release his new book Endgame on November 21, which promises a deep dive into the current crises facing the monarchy.

    In the US the first part of the book has been serialised in People magazine, and has already been creating a storm with some of its most scandalous revelations.

    Many of the claims revolve around September 8 2022, the day Queen Elizabeth passed away at Balmoral, with Harry and Meghan unable to be with her as she died.

    While Meghan agreed to stay away, Harry wanted to be by his grandmother’s side, but the royal rift made this difficult in spite of the Queen’s alleged wish that Harry stay informed.

    The book also gives an insight into the feud between the Duke of Sussex, his father King Charles and his brother Prince William, with rounding up the six biggest bombshells from Endgame’s initial serialisation.

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    Harry was “kept in the dark” about the Queen’s declining health

    Mr Scobie alleges that the Duke was not informed about his grandmother’s worsening health and rapid decline, and reportedly had “no idea” that the royals were preparing to say their goodbyes in her final hours last year.

    The biographer wrote: “The Sussexes had no idea that Buckingham Palace was already planning for the Queen’s final hours and the first days of the monarchy’s new era – until the duke’s phone started ringing. An unknown number. He usually ignored those.”

    Meghan urged her husband to accept the call, which was his father telling him they were on their way to Balmoral to meet Princess Anne, who was already by the Queen’s side.

    Leaving any bad feelings aside, Charles told Harry to get to Scotland immediately.

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    Harry forced to “beg” the royals not to break news of the Queen’s death

    Queen Elizabeth’s death was officially announced to the world at 6:30pm on September 8, just before Harry was able to touch down in Aberdeen.

    Buckingham Palace had planned to release a statement earlier but Harry “begged” them to hold off, as stormy weather meant his plane had to circle the airport before it could land and he wanted to be with them at the time.

    The Palace agreed to wait for a time, but eventually they made the announcement without him, as the book claims: “When Harry’s plane finally touched tarmac twenty minutes later, he received a text from Meghan urging him to call ASAP followed by a breaking news alert via the BBC News app with the announcement of the Queen’s death.”

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    King Charles “betrayed” the Queen

    Harry was understandably devastated that he had to learn about the Queen’s death along with the rest of the world via public announcement, with this decision not what she would have wanted.

    Mr Scobie wrote that the late monarch “would have wanted Harry to know that she had died” before everyone else did, and there are conflicting reports over exactly when the Prince found out.

    It was initially reported that the King called Harry personally to share the sad news, however he has contested this, claiming he learned about her death via BBC News once he disembarked from the plane in Aberdeen.

    The real reason Harry quit the Royal Family

    Some have claimed that Harry is now viewed as a “threat to the crown” following his decision to step down as a working royal, along with his wife Meghan, in 2020.

    In an extract from Endgame Mr Scobie alleged he knew the real reason why Harry wanted to leave, and it was to do with his personal freedom.

    He wrote: “These are probably sad realisations that will be had far too late in the journey. In the eyes of some within the institution, Harry is a threat to the crown. His freedom to exert his own thinking outside of the confines of the institution has made him the enemy.”

    Prince William’s response to his brother

    The once close relationship between Harry and William has now disintegrated into all-out war, with claims made in Harry’s book Spare that the two engaged in physical fights.

    According to the biographer “absolutely nothing has changed” between the brothers and there seems to be little hope of them patching things up anytime soon.

    In the book he states: “I was talking to a source quite early on in the process, and they called Harry a ‘defector’ and said that was William’s view. These were two men who once upon a time were firmly aligned in their outlook. One of them had to move on to also protect the crown.”

    Harry has been “brainwashed”

    William has also sensationally claimed that his brother has been “brainwashed by an army of therapists” and that Harry and Meghan’s complaints about royal life had “blindsided the family”, Mr Scobie writes.

    A source said that the Prince of Wales no longer recognises Harry, and “doesn’t want to know” him anymore.

    Endgame has been described on Amazon as “a penetrating investigation into the current state of the British monarchy”, which is unlikely to please the Firm.

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