Wednesday, 23 Sep 2020

Shaun Bailey rages at left ‘hijacking’ anti-racisim cause – ‘Labour MPs think they own it’

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Shaun Bailey told the BBC’s Emma Barnett show the issue of racism in the UK cannot go down party political lines. Mr Bailey added in the past the issue has been hijacked by the left and made so you cannot be on the right of politics and be perceived to understand racism. 

Mr Bailey said: “Traditionally those on the left have hijacked this topic.

“They have made it so that you cannot be on the right of politics be allowed to understand racism.

“They have tried to own it and in my opinion that stunt has slowed down the progress of the country.

“We don’t get an improvement in this situation by embarrassing people or shaming them into being anti-racist.

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“It is a conversation, a journey, something that we all have to work at.”

He continued: “The fact that Labour MPs think that they own this any more than the Conservative MPs is worrying.

“Particularly when they are talking to a Conservative Home Secretary who happens to be of Indian descent.

“When you are growing up people don’t think you’re going to be the Home Secretary so you get the same treatment as everybody else.

“If we let this go down party political lines we will not get the resolution we want because people try to shame people into doing one thing or another.

“In your daily life if you feel shame you won’t be able to have the conversations that need to be had to move this whole thing forward.”

Yesterday Priti Patel unleashed a passionate defence of the UK Government’s understanding of racial inequality, highlighting examples of her own battle with racism during a clash with a Labour MP.

The Home Secretary clashed with Labour MP Flo Eshalomi after she challenged the Home Secretary on the Government’s understanding of racial inequality following the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter protests.

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Following Ms Eshalomi stating the UK Government did not understand racial inequality Ms Patel replied: “Well, on that basis it must have been a very different Home Secretary who as a child was frequently called a p*ki on the playground.

“A very different Home Secretary who was racially abused on the streets or even advised to drop her surname and use her husbands in order to advance her career.

“A different Home Secretary who was recently characterised in the Guardian newspaper as a fat cow with a ring through its nose, something that was not only racist but offensive both culturally and religiously.

“This is hardly an example of respect, equality, tolerance or fairness.

“So when it comes to racism, sexism tolerance or social justice I will not take lectures from the other side of the House.”

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