Saturday, 19 Sep 2020

Royal heartbreak: How Meghan Markle ‘never showed her grief’ but Harry ‘changed so much’

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Meghan and Harry are now settled in Los Angeles with their young son Archie, after they made their exit from the Royal Family earlier this year. The shock announcement came as a surprise to many royal fans, as although the couple had begun to speak of their difficulties in the spotlight, the exit itself was an unprecedented move. However, although the Duchess successfully hid her turmoil, Prince Harry had been giving clear signs of his unhappiness for some time before the split, according to an expert.

Podcast ‘Pod Save the Queen‘ is hosted by Ann Gripper and features the Daily Mirror’s royal editor Russell Myers.

In an episode this month, body language expert Judi James spoke to the podcast about the subtle signs that she picked up on before Megxit was announced.

Ms Gripper asked the expert: “Did you pick up on the fact that they weren’t happy?”

Ms James said: “She clearly played it very well.

“Full marks to her, because she said she’d gone through a lot of grief, but she never showed it.

“And, I think the actress side helped her get through that.

“I looked through acres of footage, and she’d always got a good smile on her face, she always looked engaged, she’d always got quite an excited eye expression.

“And she always looked clearly besotted with Harry, and I think that possibly made it less obvious.”

However, in contrast, Ms James said: “I think we saw Harry change so much.

“I could always see the rift between him and William anyway, going back right to the first days of Harry’s marriage, and meeting Meghan.

“He went from being this jack-the-lad character – and we used to see him all the time with William, looking like a couple of jokers!

“If they turned up at weddings – oh, here they come, what are they going to get up to! Particularly Harry.

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“And then suddenly, and I think it could have been put down to the fact that he had got responsibilities in life at last, with a wife and then a child.

“But, I think he was looking way too unhappy, way too serious, way too annoyed, really.

“Clearly he had a very, very difficult decision to make.”

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