Tuesday, 26 Sep 2023

Royal Family ‘has drifted and needs to refocus’ after Prince William’s ‘mistake’

Adam Hills reveals he turned down invitation from King Charles

The Royal Family has been warned that they have “drifted” and “need to refocus” after people have begun to question the direction of King Charles’s reign.

The Firm has confirmed that no members of the family will be flying down to Australia for the final of the Women’s World Cup to cheer the Lionesses on in England’s first World Cup final in decades.

Despite being President of the FA,Prince William will not make the journey Down Under, as he and wife Princess Kate are enjoying a long summer holiday with their children.

This has led to deeper concerns about why the King has not visited any Commonwealth countries since ascending to the throne, according to royal correspondent Richard Palmer.

He told Express.co.uk’s Royal Round Up of the Prince of Wales’s decision not to to travel: “I think a lot of people see this as a big mistake by William.”

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He added: “It’s also evidence I think of what some people have said is a bit of drift in the monarchy at the moment…[it has been] suggested that the King got off to a very good start in the new reign, but there’s been a bit of drift lately.

“I think there’s a need to refocus…why haven’t they been to all these Commonwealth realms?

“You would expect the new King to go out and visit these realms, and I’m sure part of the equation is that in several of the countries…[some of the] Prime Ministers of these countries are republicans.”

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Charles and Queen Camilla are expected visit Kenya later in the year for their first trip as monarchs to the Commonwealth, with tours to Canada and Australia possible next year.

If William had made the decision to fly Down Under some have said it would have been the perfect opportunity for him and Kate to embark on a tour in the Southern Hemisphere.

Richard Palmer said: “For me, the fact that this tournament is taking place in Australia and New Zealand at this time would have been a perfect opportunity for a royal tour out there – and yet there’s no sign of it.”

He also noted that William held a different stance for the Men’s World Cup in Qatar last year, and that the Prince was leaving himself open to accusations of “sexism”.

Mr Palmer said: “When England men’s team played in the World Cup in Qatar last year, the Palace made it clear that he didn’t have plans to go out there, but should England get to the final people close to him were saying he’d find a way of getting out there.

“He’s opened himself up to accusations of sexism really.”

It is traditional for the royals to take August off, as there are not expected to be any royal engagements now until September.

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