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Royal blunder: Camilla’s awkward fashion choice causes Maori warrior to wince

The pair arrived at Government House in Auckland to receive the traditional Maori welcome on Tuesday. Typical of the culture, members of the armed forces welcomed the pair by pressing their forehead and nose against their guests.

However, Camilla seemed to pick the wrong hat for the occasion which caused one of the Maori warrior’s to wince as he pressed his forehead against hers.

A welcoming and a haka followed whereby Charles took the royal salute and went onto insect the guard.

Following the welcoming, the Duchess paid tribute to the staff at the New Zealand domestic violence charity.

The charity stands for safer homes in New Zealand and helps adults and children of domestic abuse.

She said: “’You’re all doing a brilliant job.

“Just listening to the survivors is so important.

“Hopefully today we can up the ante and raise a bit of awareness.”

Also speaking at the event was adult safety programme facilitator, Deanne Tindall, who spoke of her gratitude for the royal’s specific focus on domestic violence.

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Ms Tindall said: “I just feel so grateful that she’s chosen domestic violence to focus on.

“It’s not a fashionable cause but it’s a very important one.”

This week’s visit to the country marks the third time the couple have visited after their 2012 and 2015 trips.

Also on their arrival in the country, Camilla was praised by members of the public.

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Upon greeting the fans that were waiting for the pair in Auckland’s harbour, she exchanged pleasantries where one person pointed the Duchess out for specific praise.

As she spoke to fans, one member of the public told Camilla that she was “beautiful” and that she will one day be a “great Queen”.

Camila, however, will only become Queen Consort when her husband succeeds his mother following her passing.

Although it had been initially reported by Clarence House that she would not adopt the title, under the Treason Act of 1351, and section two of the Regency Act of 1937, she will by law assume the title upon Charles’ coronation.

Speaking on the issue of Camila’s title, Oxford University law professor Pavlos Eleftheriadis explained: “The wife of a head of state is not a joint head of state, however.

“The sovereign reigns on his or her own.

“In that sense, Camilla will be a ‘Queen’ in the limited legal sense of being the wife of the sovereign.”

Also during the tour, another fan also asked the Duchess whether she was “feeling better” after suffering from a chest infection earlier this month.

Following Tuesday’s Maori welcoming, Charles later met with Prime Minister of the country, Jacinda Ardern.

Charles will go onto meet with volunteers of the Sea Cleaners organisation in Auckland harbour.

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