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Rolf Harris’s pitiful final years as recluse in £7.5m mansion after jail release

The disgraced paedophile Rolf Harris spent his final pitiful years living in an £7.5m mansion in a Berkshire village. The gruesome entertainer was released from prison in May 2017 after being found guilty of indecent assault.

Following his release from prison, Harris returned to the Berkshire estate in the town of Bray.

According to reports from the Herald Sun, Harris chose to give up the appeal against his 12 convictions of indecent assault (one of which was overturned) which saw him sent to prison in June 2014.

Since his release, Australian-born Harris kept a very low profile. However, his controversial actions didn’t stop with his release.

Months after he left prison, Harris broke cover after walking onto the grounds of a primary school and waving at children in 2019. Harris reportedly strode onto the grounds of Oldfield Primary School where the headteacher immediately told him to leave.

A witness to the incident later told the Mirror that they couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

The headteacher of Oldfield Primary School at the time, Richard Jarrett, said Harris had no access to pupils and the police were informed. Mr Jarrett allegedly told Harris: “You need to go.”

Fast forward to 2022, and Harris was reportedly dying from neck cancer and being fed through a tube as the convicted paedophile struggled to speak.

These weren’t the last of the health issues to eat into the decaying body of the former entertainer.

Harris reportedly suffered from diabetes. The MailOnline said that Harris only left his house for frequent trips to pick up medication; he told the publication: “I’ve got diabetes. I’ve suffered from it for 25 years.”Health issues also affected those closest to Harris, who was seen caring for his wife, Alwen Hughes, who has Alzheimer’s and has been seen in a wheelchair.

A friend of Harris said Ms Hughes had carers around the clock as her health continued to decline. Shortly before Harris’ condition deteriorated, his dog Bumble died.

It was reported that health declined quickly after his pet’s death. One of Harris’ neighbours told The Telegraph the dog’s death had “knocked him really badly”.

She said: “Soon after, Rolf’s own health took a turn for the worse. Only carers and nurses, who care for him 24 hours, come and go.”

One of the last times Harris was seen in public was as he walked Bumble close to his estate in September 2020 where he was pictured in scruffy clothes using a homemade walking stick.

The news of Harris’s death comes just days after the release of an ITVX documentary looking into his downfall and the victims who live with the terror he unleashed.

The two-part documentary heard how one of Harris’s victims, one of his friend’s daughters, was warned to “tread carefully” as he was powerful and had money.

The documentary also told how the woman asked for help from psychotherapist Chip Somers in the late 1990s for an alcohol problem before it became apparent there was more to the issue than it seemed.

Mr Somers said: “She told me she had been sexually abused by Rolf Harris from the age of 13, and this went on for a number of years.

“Her choice was to not say anything about it, but it caused her a lot of trauma and was instrumental in causing her to misuse alcohol as a way of anaesthetising that trauma… a momentary respite from having to carry that burden all the time.”

Mr Somers added: “She was having to carry this incredible secret, this incredible burden, this incredible sense of guilt and disgust and hatred of what is happening to her. Trauma thrives in darkness and Rolf Harris made quite sure that she was shrouded in darkness.”

The documentary also featured alleged victims Suzi Dent and Karen Gardner who waived their right to anonymity. The documentary series, titled “Rolf Harris: Hiding In Plain Sight” aired on ITVX on May 18.

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