Sunday, 25 Jul 2021

Robert Peston picks holes in new Covid advice for vulnerable – ‘Not sure this is support’

Robert Peston challenges Brandon Lewis on Northern Ireland

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ITV’s Political Editor attached a photo of the Government advice that will be implemented from July 19. The advice read: “Clinically extremely vulnerable people are now advised to follow the guidance that applies to the rest of the population. “You may still wish to consider going to the shops and pharmacy at quieter times of the day. “Priority access to supermarket delivery slots using the Shielding Support website ended on 21 June. “After 21 June, you can continue to book delivery slots in the usual manner from a supermarket.”

Responding to the advice, Mr Peston lashed out saying: “Government advice to the clinically extremely vulnerable is to go to shops ‘at quieter times of the day’ after 19 July.

“I am not sure this can be dignified as support for those most at risk of serious illness from COVID-19.”

The Government website states that the advice is “for everyone in England who has been identified as clinically extremely vulnerable from coronavirus”.

The website further states that shielding is now paused, with the clinically vulnerable expected to follow the same rules that apply to the rest of the population, while taking extra precautions.

The move means that the 3.8 million people on the shielded patients’ list will no longer be eligible to receive statutory sick pay or employment and support allowance.

Many people have taken to social media to express their views.

One Twitter user wrote: “The whole guidance is insulting, illogical and offensive to us. I’m CEV and my government has abandoned me and many others.”

Another added: “We need to be clear that a strategy which has the objective of mass infection of a population where 48 percent of the population are NOT fully protected is almost certainly going to increase the risk of ALL clinically vulnerable people (because of unvaccinated family members, young careers etc.)”

A third said: “So the disabled and vulnerable have to adapt their lifestyle so that others can do what the hell they want!!”

A fourth added: “There is very little in the shops and there are no quiet times, except when most of the fresh produce is gone.

“Perhaps if government advisors did the shopping, they wouldn’t make such stupid, condescending comments that anger people.”

A minority of people disagreed.

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One user wrote: “It’s called using common sense, you’d rather see lockdown continue indefinitely, wouldn’t you?”

It comes as Boris Johnson confirmed the country will go ahead with Freedom Day next week, on July 19.

The move to unlock the country further comes despite Covid cases surging.

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