Sunday, 13 Jun 2021

Richard Tice demands Britons become patriotic for post-Covid future ‘Make and buy BRITISH’

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Brexit Party chairman Richard Tice insisted the UK Government and the public needed to make some changes beyond 2021. While speaking to Jonathan Saxty of Brexit Watch, he said Britain’s need to become more patriotic in their consumer habits. He said this will ensure more money stays within the country and creates more opportunities in the UK.

He suggested this would be a better course of action after cutting ties with the EU and while recovering from coronavirus rather than raising taxes.

Mr Tice said: “It is not just about changing the approach to dealing with the virus but the immediate critical thing after that is how we recover.

“I constantly loathe it when I hear about people talk about tax rises here and tax rises there.

“There is only one way to recover sensibly out of this crisis, that is we have to go for growth big time.”

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Mr Tice went into greater detail of how the UK could thrive going forward post-Brexit and post-coronavirus.

He said: “We need to put our foot flat out on the pedal and change into the 8th gear or create a 9th gear of growth and go for it.

“One of the ways we can do that is my new simple expression that we need to become incredibly patriotic consumers.

“We need to think British, make British and we need to buy British.”

Mr Tice also insisted the UK could learn this from one of our European neighbours.

He continued: “We need to learn from our neighbours and friends the French.

“Whether you love them or not they are wonderfully patriotic consumers.

“They make great products like wine, cheese, yoghurt and cars.


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“They buy their own products very consciously, very deliberately and that is to be admired, copied and celebrated, it is a huge opportunity for us.

Boris talked the other week about massively increasing the work in renewable energy with offshore windfarms.

“Fine Boris, but we don’t have a single major turbine manufacturer and that must change.”

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