Sunday, 29 May 2022

‘Read the room!’ James Corden told to ‘stay in the USA’ after star backs Harry and Meghan

Prince Harry: James Corden discusses friendship with royal

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The Late Late Show host said he was a “huge fan” of the Sussexes, adding that he will “always be in their corner”. But hitting out at Mr Corden on Twitter, deputy leader of the Reclaim party Martin Daubney joked: “Please stay in their corner, in the USA. Yours, Britain.” This came after the TV presenter announced he was quitting his US TV show to return to the UK to be with his family.

Mr Corden has previously hosted the Sussexes on the Late Late Show, remaining friends with the pair since.

Speaking to the Sun, Mr Corden had said: “I’m a huge fan of both of them.

“Obviously I know Harry better than I know Meghan.”

Mr Corden described their move to step back from the Royal Family as “incredibly brave”.

He said: “I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for Harry, and anyone who has been around him and spent time with him would feel exactly the same way.

“I think he is a devoted and loving husband and father and I think what they have done [in turning away from royal life] is incredibly brave and I’ll always be in their corner.”

The TV personality also revealed that he and his wife have been for dinner with the Sussexes – and their children have playdates together.

Asked if he had been to the couple’s £11million home, James said: “I have.

“It was more a sort of play date scenario [with the kids].

“Then we went out for dinner after, it was lovely.”

But responding to Mr Corden’s remarks, many Twitter users agreed with Mr Daubney’s comment.

One user wrote: “Can he please stay in US with Meghan and Harry?”

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Another, Heather (@HHepplewhite) wrote: “And British people will be in the other corner.”

Meanwhile, Mike Joyce (@hammersmikey) commented: “Ahead of him returning to UK …. not really ‘read the room’ has he ?”

A fifth user, nicknamed @CandyAppleHead, joked: “Good. Handy to have them all in one place.”

But others, based in the US, joked he should go back to Britain.

StefiBeats (@StefiBeats) wrote: “Oh please, I live in the USA, and I don’t know what he’s doing here.

“He belongs to you in the UK, you must take him back.”

However, others hit out at Mr Daubney for his comment.

One user, nicknamed @Dragonsdontbite, wrote: “James doesn’t even know who Martin is”.

Another, @Alexand95306070, said: “You don’t speak for me, Marty”, while Patrick Larkin (@Patrick09363952) joked: “Ladies and gentlemen, the state of modern politics…”.

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