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Princess Kate and Prince William hope to ‘break heir and spare cycle’ in future

Princess Kate and Prince William are “determined to break the heir and spare cycle” for their children, a royal expert has claimed. By having a “large, loving family” they will lead their children by example as they take on more responsibilities and shake off the label used by the Duke of Sussex, when describing his position in the Firm. In addition, the royal parents have a “soft spot” for one of their children, it is claimed.

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Royal commentator and the To Di For Daily podcast host, Kinsey Schofield, shared her insight with the Daily Star and revealed: “I don’t believe the word ‘spare’ has ever been uttered inside their home to describe one or more of their babies. It is just not on their radar. They wanted to have a large loving family.”

Speaking about the motherly nature of the Princess of Wales, to emphasise their family ambitions, Ms Schofield said: “Catherine seems affectionate, supportive, and engaging as a mother.”

Schofield said the young family bonded over artistic expression and being outside, with both Kate and William bonding with their eldest son, Prince George, over their love of sports.

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Ms Schofield also believes Prince William has a soft spot for his only daughter, Princess Charlotte.

She said: “Between nicknames and sly smiles, William appears to be the biggest softy when it comes to his baby girl, Princess Charlotte. We’ve also seen his protective side – which is incredibly admirable.”

In recent months, all three children have taken centre-stage at Royal engagements. Most recently, nine-year-old George flourished in his role as page of honour at King Charles’s Coronation, alongside three other boys – despite the role traditionally being reserved for boys aged from 12 to 15.

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Prince George was also present as a special portrait was taken of the King and his two heirs, highlighting the new line of succession.

The royal podcast host added: “You will notice how poised and prepared the children seem to be during large royal engagements. You can tell that Princess Charlotte takes great pride in her family and responsibilities. [It reminds] me of the Princess Royal.”

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