Friday, 3 Feb 2023

Princess Diana’s ex bodyguard says ‘something not right’ for Sussexes

Prince Harry says Princess Diana would be ‘sad’ about William rift

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A bodyguard who famously worked for Princess Diana believes “something is not quite right” with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s relationship, as he raised concerns over Harry’s happiness following the release of his new bombshell book.

Ken Wharfe, who worked as the late Princess of Wales’ personal protection officer between 1988 and 1993, was asked by GB News’ Mark Dolan if he believes Meghan Markle has brainwashed Prince Harry.

Mr Wharf responded: “Well I think that when you look at the wedding and the public events that followed – an event in Nottingham and that event in London – she [Meghan] is the consummate actress, the consummate performer.

“You could see the look in Harry’s eyes saying ‘hey look what I’ve got, it’s amazing’, but where did it all fall apart?”

He added: “Whether he is completely under her control, some people say that he is, I can’t say that in all honesty.

“It seems to me that something is not quite right in that relationship.”

Referring to the Duke’s recent interviews promoting his new book, host Dolan asked the former bodyguard if Harry looked “happy” and the same as the “Harry he once knew”.

Mr Wharfe said when he watched Harry’s interviews he “looked quite confident”, adding that he’s “had a good teacher over the last three or four years”.

Dolan probed: “He doesn’t strike me as happy though.”

Wharfe responded: “I don’t think he is. If you look at him up until the point of his marriage, Harry was the joker. The most popular member of the Royal Family. Even more popular at that time than the late Her Majesty the Queen.

“Then suddenly, his popularity and her [Meghan] popularity plummeted to levels I don’t think anyone imagined.”

Later in the conversation, Dolan asked the bodyguard, who began working for the Princess of Wales when Harry was three and William was five, if he “buys” the idea that Harry was uncomfortable in the role of ‘spare’.

Mr Wharfe said: “I don’t think he had a problem with that. Why would he have a problem with that?”

He said from “day one” Harry and William knew who they were and their role in the Firm.

He recalled an incident in which the two young princes were arguing in the back of the car, while Diana was driving, and Harry leant over to William and said ‘it’s alright for you, you’ll be king one day and I won’t, therefore, I can do what I want'”.

“The point is, that’s exactly now what he’s done,” Mr Wharfe added.

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