Tuesday, 15 Jun 2021

Princess Charlotte will follow great-aunt Princess Anne to gain special royal female title

Princess Charlotte: Expert on future title when William is King

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Princess Charlotte will be the next royal woman to gain a special honour after Princess Anne, according to an expert. Marlene Koenig spoke to Express.co.uk about how the next monarchs will affect everyone else in the Royal Family. She explained how the specifics of the styling of titles.

Ms Koenig told Express.co.uk: “The ‘the’ is only for the children of the sovereign.

“When Charles is in Scotland, he is known as His Royal Highness the Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay.

“For example, Anne was Her Royal Highness The Princess Anne, until she was created Princess Royal.

“Same for Andrew and Edward until they got their peerages.”

She continued: “So Charlotte will become Her Royal Highness The Princess Charlotte.

“These are just tiny little details.

“You wouldn’t really see the title being used that way widespread.

“It wouldn’t be in regular reports, it would be in the Court Circular.”

Princess Charlotte ‘looking very grown up’ says expert

Princess Anne was made The Princess Royal in June 1987, nearly 20 years after her predecessor, Princess Mary, passed away.

Princess Mary was the Queen’s aunt and the sister of kings Edward VIII and George VI.

The title of Princess Royal is an appellation granted only to the eldest daughter of the sovereign.

Princess Anne received the title from her mother, the Queen.

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Until then, she had been styled as ‘Her Royal Highness The Princess Anne, Mrs Mark Phillips’.

When Prince William becomes king, it is expected that Charlotte will take on the style.

Prince George will have the Prince of Wales title bestowed upon him.

There is no indication that Prince Louis, as the third child, will have any special honour.

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