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Princess Charlotte ‘expected to get a job’ and not be a working royal

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The Prince and Princess of Wales are reportedly raising Princess Charlotte with the “expectation she will get a job” as, unlike her elder brother Prince George, she won’t be a working member of the Royal Family. The path that is being carved for the young Princess will be in keeping with King Charles III’s plans for a slimmed down monarchy.

Writing in his Palace Confidential newsletter, the Daily Mail’s diary editor Richard Eden wrote: “From what I hear, the Prince and Princess of Wales want Charlotte, aged seven, to grow up with the expectation that she will get a job and not be a full-time royal.”

He explained that Charlotte’s father, Prince William, also shares Charles’ views on a slimmed down monarchy.

Opposed to these plans, in his newsletter, Mr Eden said: “Personally, I would prefer to see a larger Royal Family.”

He added that this will allow them to carry out “more official engagements” and meet “more members of the public.”

He added: “If Charlotte is to get a job and not be an active member of “The Firm”, she needs to be ready to step into the breach, if needed.”

In his bombshell memoir, which was released last month, Prince Harry recalled his memories at being known as the ‘spare’ to Prince William, who, as the elder of the two brothers, was the ‘heir’.

The commonly known phrase, ‘the heir and the spare’, is often used to describe a monarch and their younger sibling.

Prince Harry recounted the tension that being the younger brother of an heir bought about.

Writing in Spare, the 38-year-old claimed that he knew he was there to give William an organ donation, if needed.

He said: “I was brought into this world in case something happened to Willy.”

He claimed that this was made “abundantly clear” from a young age and was “regularly reinforced” throughout his life as a royal.


As well as George and Charlotte, Prince William and Kate also share a third child, and second son, Prince Louis.

The couple married in 2011, before welcoming George in July 2013.

This was followed by Princess Charlotte in May 2015 and Prince Louis in April 2018.

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