Friday, 16 Apr 2021

Prince Philip’s ‘grandmother’ joke at Queen backfired on Duke in ‘win’ for monarch

Prince Philip made ‘grandmother joke’ about Queen says insider

Prince Philip would joke that the Queen was becoming a “premature grandmother” when they were much younger, a royal author has revealed. The Duke of Edinburgh’s good-natured jibes were influenced by the monarch’s refusal to stay too long in the sun and tan. Bryan Kozlowski, author of ‘Long Live the Queen: 23 Rules for Living from Britain’s Longest-Reigning Monarch’ spoke to the Royally Obsessed podcast about the Queen’s life habits in comparison to her husband.

He told listeners: “She has a commitment to SPF in contrast to Philip.

“He would often joke with her when they were younger.

“He would call out and try to get her to come and be out in the sun, especially if they were on tour is some kind of tropical country.

“She would always say no and he would shout out, ‘you’re a premature grandmother’ blah blah blah.”

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Mr Kozlowski continued: “But if you put two pictures of them from then and now back to back, you’ll see who won that argument.

“It’s pretty clear to see who has aged better.

“There’s also a contrast between them with losing weight,

“Philip has definitely lost weight as he has gotten older.”

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The author added: “He’s kind of stubbornly tried to maintain his thinness.

“But it doesn’t actually look that great when you get older.

“You do want to avoid the sun, but also gain a little weight to round yourself out.”

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Despite his skincare, the Duke of Edinburgh has managed to live a long life and is set to turn 100 this year.

Phil Dampier, who has written books on the royal consort, claims that one of the ways he so fit is that he does Canadian Airforce exercises every day.

He also gave up smoking before he married the Queen, doesn’t drink very much and eats extremely well.

Mr Kozlowski revealed that the monarch is also very particular about her food and practices ‘mindful eating’.

However, she prefers much less vigorous forms of exercise and can be found going on walks around the large estates of royal residences.

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